Saturday, September 3, 2016

Do You Remember These Lincolns?

A Lincoln Concept Car

 A 60's Lincoln Continental

 Another Lincoln Continental

Do you remember the Suicide Doors on the Lincoln of the 1960's 

 A Two-Door Lincoln Continental

 A Concept of the New Lincoln Continental

 The Fourth Generation Lincoln Continental

 Another Beautiful Lincoln Continental

 How about some Continental Art?

 Continental Convertible

Continental Luxury in Tuxedo Black

A Ladies Favorite Color Bisk

1990 Lincoln Towncar in Signature Series

How about a Lincoln Cabriolet Continental Convertible

The Lincoln Continental of the 50's with a factory Continental Kit on the rear bumper.

 The same car as above in a Convertible with the Continental Kit on the rear bumper.

Pure Luxury for the rear passengers in the rear of the car.

1959 LINCOLN Continental Mark IV Sedan Art

 1959 Lincoln Continental Convertible

A Vintage Lincoln in my windshield.

1984 Lincoln Luxury Lineup

Source: Internet