Monday, February 22, 2010

Lincoln Prepares MKS, MKZ, MKT for 2009 SEMA Show

With Ford Motor Company as the primary sponsor of the 2009 SEMA show, we're not too surprised to hear three customized Lincolns will debut in Las Vegas.

Raceskinz has added its subtle touch to the MKS. Carbon fiber accents have been tastefully added to both interior and exterior components -- the roof panel, mirrors, door panels, and the dash trim all have a carbon fiber overlay. The MKS is also outfitted with black rims that feature a subtle polished lip. "Carbon fiber is to us what chrome was to our previous generation," said Tirrelle Lazada-Smith, co-owner of Raceskinz. "It is not gaudy or overdone."

Rick Bottom Designs tricked out an MKT, dubbed the "Panache." With door handles and the antenna shaved, the MKT is as sleek as they come. A chrome beltline molding and lowered suspension further enhance its lines. Sprayed in Turnin' Orange, the Lincoln appears orange in the sun but has a red hue in the shade.

A Lincoln MKZ was revamped by the guys at 3dCarbon. The MKZ is highlighted by mild enhancements like 20-inch deep-dish wheels, an upgraded exhaust, and custom lower door moldings. "The ride and feel of the new MKZ inspired us to enhance the design with a lower stance and conservative touches of aerodynamic styling," said 3dcarbon owner Ernie Bunnell.

Lincoln, with the help of the three customization shops, proves that the brand's vehicles don't have to be conservative. "Lincoln as a brand is continuing to attract younger customers to the showroom with products like the MKS, MKZ, and the new MKT luxury crossover," said Amy Marentic of Ford.


Next Generation Ford Sync to Incorporate WiFi

Automotive manufacturers have been incorporating more and more technology into cars, and several have gone so far as to add WiFi, making the car a mobile hotspot. Any car equipped with Ford’s next-generation Sync system can be turned into a mobile hotspot.

Unlike other automakers that offer in-car WiFi, Ford does not require a separate subscription for the service. Instead, owners use a USB wireless card (obtained from a cell phone carrier) that gives them access to wireless anywhere service is available. Plugging the wireless card into the Sync USB port transforms the whole car into a mobile hotspot.

“While you’re driving to grandma’s house, your spouse can be finishing the holiday shopping and the kids can be chatting with friends and updating their Facebook profiles,” said Mark Fields, Ford president of the Americas. “And you’re not paying for yet another mobile subscription or piece of hardware because Ford will let you use technology you already have.”

Ford added this technology to its Sync system as people are becoming increasingly connected. Today, there is almost nowhere in the country someone can go and have no way to check email or Web sites to get news. According to a survey by the Consumer Electronics Association, more than one-third of Americans are interested in the ability to check email and access the Web while on the road.

In addition to providing a secure connection for adults to check email, the in-car WiFi also provides for the ultimate rear-seat entertainment system. Instead of using a DVD player and in-car TV screen, kids can now use their own (or their parents’) laptops to provide hours of entertainment perusing the Web or watching streaming video independently of the sibling sitting next to them.

With the new WiFi connection, Ford will also be able to more readily keep the systems up to date. Users will be able to download Sync updates that will allow them to connect and use most devices with the system. Ford’s new second-generation Sync system debuts on select vehicles sometime next year.


2010 Detroit: Lincoln Claims Freshest Luxury Lineup with Redesigned MKX

With four new nameplates in five years, Lincoln is claiming the freshest luxury lineup in the industry, but it’s the introduction of the redesigned 2011 Lincoln MKX that truly unifies the products. In addition to the corporate face, the updated five-passenger crossover features a larger engine and an all-new infotainment system that removes all physical knobs and buttons from the center stack.

“We redefined the Lincoln lineup for a whole new era of luxury,” said Mark Fields, Ford president of the Americas. “MKX is unmistakably Lincoln.”

The revised exterior brings the MKX into line with the family look established by the MKS sedan. Most notably, the cheese-grater grille on the old MKX has been replaced with Lincoln’s signature split-wing grille. The hood, fenders, and wheel offerings are also new. In the rear, the full-width tail lamps have been replaced by more traditional pieces, lit by LEDs. To replace the horizontal red element, a stamped crease below the Lincoln badge now defines the rear hatch.

Growing from 3.5 liters to 3.7 liters, the engine now makes 305 hp and 280 lb.-ft. To maintain efficiency while increasing the performance, the Duratec powerplant uses twin-independent variable cam timing and late-closing intake valves. Fuel economy stands at 25 mpg on the highway, while city fuel economy hasn’t been announced yet. A six-speed automatic is still the sole transmission and buyers can choose either front- or all-wheel drive.

Inside, drivers will notice a new infotainment system that incorporates three LCD screens along with touch-sensitive buttons on the center-stack. Known as MyLincoln Touch, the system provides navigation, phone integration via Bluetooth, audio entertainment, and climate control. The driver interacts with the system through the 8-inch touch screen in the center stack, two small LCDs in the instrument cluster, and two five-way buttons on the steering wheel. In place of traditional knobs, the MyLincoln features two touch-sensitive sliders to control audio volume and fan speed. As a passenger drags their finger across the horizontal lip, a light follows along to acknowledge their touch. Ford intends to equip MyFord Touch on 80 percent of its vehicles from its three brands, but all Lincolns will have the technology as standard.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lincoln C Concept At Detroit Auto Show

After hours footage from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show reveals how the cars are loaded onto their turntables.

Source: Youtube

C Concept, Lincoln, Detroit Auto Show.

Sit in on the Lincoln press conference at the Detroit Auto Show and see C Concept, MKS and new 2010 MKT.

Unexpected Auto Show Musical (2010 Lincoln MKT)

It seemed like just a typical day at the 2010 San Diego Auto Show. Audiences gathered around a 2010 Lincoln MKT, awaiting to hear if they had won a football signed by San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson. They never expected what came next...

Dare to do More (Lincoln Spotlight)

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Lincoln Press Conference at 2010 Detroit Auto Show

The wraps came off of the 2011 Lincoln MKX with industry-exclusive technologies, world-class craftsmanship and power that doesn't sacrifice fuel economy. The new 2011Lincoln MKX further elevates the midsize luxury crossover. It will be the first vehicle on the road to envelop drivers in the MyFord/MyLincoln Touch infotainment experience.

Source: Youtube