Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lincoln Marketing Targeting "Gen Xers"

Adopting a youthful, sporty image worked wonders for Cadillac, so it's no surprise to hear that Lincoln has decided to pursue a younger demographic with its new marketing campaign.

Lincoln is reportedly interested in targeting its ad materials to the "Gen X" crowd. Ranging between the ages of 35 and 45, these buyers are seen as key to Lincoln because they're reaching their earnings potential, and that they don't seem to have an opinion - good or bad - on the brand.

"They are wide open to the message," says Lincoln Marketing Manager Thomais Zaremba. "We have no baggage with them."

Lincoln's spacey ad campaigns are chock full of slick graphics and CGI, and feature '80's songs performed by modern alt-rock groups like Shiny Toy Guns and Australian singer Sia. Zaremba hopes the ads will appeal to the "children of the '80s," and make Lincoln's presence known to a group that may also be considering a Lexus, Audi, or BMW for the first time.

Source: Internet