Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lincoln Zephyr Convention

One glance at this poster should send you packing to the joint National Convention of the Lincoln Owners Club and the Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club, which will take place on June 4-8 in (appropriately) Lincoln, New Hampshire. Quite aside from the fact that Lincoln made some of the finest automobiles in America, I'm entranced by the juxtaposition of a Lincoln Zephyr coupe with the famed Zephyr passenger train, in its time a design and technology trendsetter. Lincoln named its new lower-priced model after the transcontinental speed queen and in doing so gave the world a real beauty, with considerable input from Edsel Ford. The convention is taking place in a most scenic location: the Mountain Club on Loon Mountain, in the heart of New Hampshire's beautiful White Mountains. An all-Lincoln car show is scheduled for Friday, June 6. If you're a Lincoln follower contact the Lincoln Owners Club and if you're a Zephyr admirer check the club's Web site.

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