Saturday, June 1, 2013

1917 Model L Lincoln

Chassis Num: 5189
After leaving Cadillac in 1917 Henry M. Leland formed the Lincoln Motor Company to build aircraft motors. After the war, the company retooled to manufacture luxury automobile. Encountering severe financial troubles during these transitional years it was subsequently bought in 1922 by the Ford Motor company for $8 million dollars. This vehicle was one of 441, four passenger two door coupes produced in 1922 model year. The list price was $3900 for an eight cylinder well designed quality motor car.

Among the features in this model were; 'fat man Steering wheel,' two position headlamps and tinted windshield visor. Ford Motor Company reduced the cost of the Lincoln models and improved the sales greatly over previous year totals.

 Source - Frick Car Museum