Saturday, January 3, 2015

Land Yacht: 1973 Lincoln Continental

1973 Lincoln Continental
5,231 pounds! That’s a lot of 1970’s materials in one car! But if you wanted to cruise in style in a FoMoCo sedan at that time, you couldn’t do better than this. Complete with 1970’s color scheme, original wheel covers and lots of chrome, this huge car is for sale here on craigslist in Plymouth, California for $2850.

1973 Lincoln 460 V8
It takes a huge engine to move a vehicle of this size, and Lincoln didn’t disappoint its customers. A pushrod big block V8 displacing 460 cubic inches provided adequate motivation, although rated at only 219 horsepower. On the bright side, the 360 ft-lbs of torque provided adequate motivation. Under hood looks very original with all items in place, even the original decals on the air filter.
Lincoln Continental
Normally a hitch receiver would worry me, but in a car this size I’m not worried. It is nice to see all four original wheel covers as well. The finned centers of those wheel covers are die-cast zinc and they make the covers quite heavy; I remember cleaning sets of these when I worked for a wheel cover recycler in college. I did notice that the rocker panel trim on the driver’s side is missing; a quick search didn’t find any available, so that might be a challenge to replace.
Lincoln Window Sticker
Window stickers were a lot simpler then, weren’t they? At almost $7,500 when new, this was one of the most expensive US-made vehicles produced at the time. This particular car was well-optioned, with a tilt wheel, leather interior, 6-way power seat and cruise control included, along with a metallic vinyl roof (?)
Lincoln Continental Interior
That leather interior looks pretty nice, too, although several dash cracks detract from the overall appearance. What appears to be a stack of shop manuals on the front seat is a nice bonus.
Lincoln Odometer
The 80k miles on the odometer lend credence to the seller’s claim that the car has been in a barn for years. We are told the Continental runs great, and new tires, belts, and filters add some confidence to its current running condition. New brakes are also included, but not installed. Even the radio and all power windows and door locks work!
Lincoln Headliner
An excellent original headliner and an unusual shoulder belt arrangement are shown in this roof shot, along with the original tinted windshield. Other than a new vinyl roof, there isn’t much that this land yacht needs for continued cruising. So tell us…do you have a (large!) garage space for this one?