Thursday, October 22, 2015

1940 Lincoln: Special Or Custom?

1940 Lincoln ZepherUsually cars listed are way overpriced, but I have to wonder why the owner is asking only $15,000 for this "Zephyr" listed here on craigslist. And what exactly is it? It looks a bit like a Continental with it's squared off trunk and "continental kit". The Zephyr coupe looks entirely different with the roof sloping down right behind the B pillar and the trunk follows the lines of the fenders. The seller states the only other one they have ever seen was at an International Car Show and there there were only 50 built. This leaves us wondering if that means it was some type of demonstration car or if the seller just doesn't know what model of car they own.

It could also have been built by a coach works company. It looks like a nice "25 foot" car. It's a San Francisco car, far from the rust belt, so perhaps there's not much rot. Whatever it is, it is a pretty car, though some might call the color pretty ugly. So, what is this car really and why would it be so cheap?