Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1958 Lincoln Premiere

052416 Barn Finds - 1958 Lincoln Premier - 1
The seller says that this 1958 Lincoln Premier was “untouched for 50 years” and it sure looks great! The car is in Rancho Cucamonga, California and is listed on eBay with a price of $9,000 and no bids. These cars will sell for several times that amount in perfect condition and two-door hardtop cars like this one can be even more valuable, monetarily. This is a 19-foot long, 5,000-pound car so you’ll need a heavy-duty trailer to get this one home. This car is too nice to turn into a pickup, you’ll want to keep this one intact, hopefully.

052416 Barn Finds - 1958 Lincoln Premier - 2
The Lincoln Premiere was sold from 1956 to 1960 and this is a second-generation car made from 1958 to 1960. The body on this car looks absolutely solid and almost perfect. The charges from the chrome shop will not be inexpensive, and this car will need a little polishing, or maybe more if you’re going to restore it. It’s nice enough where I’d just make sure the mechanical parts were perfect and drive it as it looks here. The “Suede” color looks great on this car, in my opinion. Maybe a little light color-sanding and polishing and a few coats of wax and you’d be in business.

052416 Barn Finds - 1958 Lincoln Premier - 3image:

This is the only interior photo, unfortunately. I’m not sure why that would possibly be the case in 2016, but it is. And, it seems odd to me that a car that was parked for 50 years has a dash-top note pad. I’m kidding, but it does look like there’s a packet of Post-It notes in there. The Premiere was Lincoln’s mid-level sedan and was replaced in 1960 by the Continental. These interiors are stunning when they’re in perfect condition.

052416 Barn Finds - 1958 Lincoln Premier - 4
This is a 430 V8 with a very impressive 375 hp and 490 ft-lb of torque! Just think how this car would have performed if it could have somehow shed a ton of weight. Lincoln, and Mercury, offered a “Super Marauder” version of the 430 engine in 1958 with two four-barrels and 400 hp, the first production car to reach that pinnacle of power. This whole car looks like it would be up and on the street again with a little overdue (by five decades) maintenance; changing all fluids, all rubber parts, etc. It has brand new tires so you can check that off the list, and luckily they aren’t 22″ dubs with spinners! Would you restore this car or just get it working and then slowly tinker with detailing and cleaning it up as you drove it?