Thursday, April 10, 2014

1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Custom Gullwing


1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Custom Gullwing Transmission: AUTO
Cylinders: V8
Engine Size: 350
Engine 350 Chevy, transmission 350 turbo, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning GM 2002, radio CD player, interior red Plych, front Camaro disk brakes rear drums, hydraulic suspension front and rear, wheels original and BF Goodrich tires, vehicle bought in 1981 and finished in 1983. The vehicle was originally a 4 door and was modified into a 2 door gold wing vehicle with an extra side door as suicide door. Both doors are gold wing hydraulic opening, roof was chopped 5", lowered body sec. 5", paint, most of the bodywork is lead/or seams, 50 layers of clear coat paint, included silver flakes, pin stripping, blue and red brilliant color, 3000 hours to build the vehicle and complete it. The vehicle has won over 175 awards in Europe and USA. The vehicle was shipped from Europe in 1988 to USA and has been here since. Regarding the owner, Sven Hansson, Sven Hansson nickname in Europe is "George Barris of Europe", also had the honor and a priviledge to paint the vehicle for his Majesty King the 16th of Sweden. Over $200,000.00 invested in build.