Monday, August 26, 2013

How do you set the key less entry code on the door?


Open The rear hatch door, not the glass but the complete rear door. Somewhere on the metal around the bottom you will find a five digit code on white tape. Take this code and enter it into your keyless entry. Immediately hit the 1/2 button on the entry and then put in your own five digit code, and you will hear a light sound. Lock the keyless entry with the last two buttons 7/8, 9/0 buttons. And then repeat the new code that you have entered, it will open the door.

The factory code will always stay in the memory of the keyless entry pad. It is best to remember this code but you can enter ant five digit code you want using the information listed above. However if you put in a code of your own and the battery goes dead or is disconnected the keyless entry will only use the original factory code.

Keyless Entry

1/2 3/4 5/6 7/8 9/0  The buttons look like this on the key pad. Let's say that the factory code is: 12345.
You will touch with one finger the 1/2 twice, the 3/4 twice and the 5/6 once in less than three seconds. This will open the drivers door. Then press the 3/4 button if you want to open the other doors. And if you want to open the trunk press the 5/6 button.

If you have entered a code other than the factory code you will use that number instead. Let's say the number you put in was your birthdate: 08/26/1960, You can use only five numbers and you want to use a number that you can remember easier. So use 82660, and now when you punch in the code you will press these numbers. 7/8, 1/2, 5/6, 5/6, 9/0 and your driver door will unlock. To unlock the passenger door press the 3/4 button or if you want to open the trunk instead press the 5/6 button.

If you can't find the original factory code you can go to the Ford/Lincoln Dealer and they can get the original factory code for you. There will be a charge to you for this service. You can ask the Service Writer what the charge will be before the work is done.