Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lincoln K-series

The Lincoln K-Series (also called the Model K, reflecting the earlier Ford Model K) was a line of luxury vehicle produced by Lincoln from 1930 to 1940. While the original K-Series featured a 385 in³ (6.3 L) V8, a V12 became standard in 1933. Customers also had the choice of ordering a fully custom coachwork.

Lincoln K-series
1937 Lincoln.jpg
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Also called Lincoln Model K
Model years 1931–1940
Predecessor Lincoln L-series
Successor Lincoln H-series
Class Luxury car
Engine 385 in³ (6.3 L) Lincoln V8
448 in³ (7.3 L) Lincoln L-head V12 engine V12
382 in³ (6.3 L) Lincoln L-head V12 engine V12
414 in³ (6.8 L) Lincoln-Zephyr V12 engine V12
Transmission 3-speed manual
Wheelbase 136 in (3454 mm)
145 in (3683 mm)